Where is Excio based?

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, and will provide you with GST receipts for all your purchases.

How can I pay for images?

Simply sign up and buy a PhotoToken! The PhotoToken (PT) is like a library card that enables you to 'join' the library. The price of the PT is currently NZ$500 + GST, which includes an annual service fee that enables you to download up to 500 images during the next 12 months. After one year, you can let your token lapse, or you can keep it active by paying another annual service fee. Doing so will enable you to download another 500 images over the following year. You can keep your tokens active for as many years as you desire by paying an annual service fee every 12 months.

What if I need lots of photos?

Pay once and receive lifetime access to images in our PhotoToken library. Buy more than one PhotoToken if you require more than 500 images each year or have multiple clients. For standard images, each PhotoToken you buy enables you to download and use up to 500 images per year, and that number grows each year as the total number of images in the library grows.

What if I need an exclusive licence or a custom image?

No problem. If you have a PhotoToken, you can choose to use it to market-freeze a photo for 3, 6, or 12 months.

You can also submit a custom request and we will ask our photographer-members if they have the photos you need.

I bought a PhotoToken but don't need images any more. How can I deactivate it?

Simply contact us at [email protected] and we will deactivate your PhotoToken. When deactivated, a PhotoToken cannot be used to download photographs from the library.

Please note, PhotoTokens automatically deactivate after one year if the next year's service fee is not paid by the anniversary date.

What is restricted under your licence?

We have removed all unnecessary hurdles, fine print, and hidden comprehensive add-ons to make it easy for photographers and image buyers to understand how images can be used.

You can use photographs from the Excio Image Library in any project or campaign except re-selling images as your own or using them on products where the photograph becomes the main revenue-driving component (eg, on a T-shirt).

Under the Excio licence, you must not use an image in any way that is pornographic, offensive, racist, or ethically or culturally offensive. Images containing any person or logo, without a Model Release, must not be used for political endorsement.


What are PhotoTokens?

A PhotoToken (PT) is a digital asset for accessing digital imagery.

PhotoTokens enable the exchanging of stock imagery between photographers and buyers.


  • are issued and administered by Excio
  • are earned by photographers for uploading images to the Excio Image Library (
  • are bought by customers for downloading and using those images from the Excio Image Library

How can I buy a Photo Token?

To buy aPhotoToken simply log in or sign up and click the 'Purchase PhotoTokens' button. Image users can purchase a PhotoToken for $500 (excl. GST). Each PT provides non-exclusive access to all images in the Library. Buying the token means you can download a set number (starting at 500) of photographs every year.

What happens if I don't use all 500 photographs in a year?

PhotoToken access operates with only a maximum annual download limit (currently 500). Unused downloads expire on each anniversary of your purchase, should you choose to keep your PT active.

Do I need to pay for my PhotoToken every year like a subscription?

No, a PhotoToken is different to a subscription. Instead of paying the same fee every year, you pay one purchase price and then, if you wish to keep using your PT, you pay an annual admin fee to keep the PT active. This fee is calculated by multiplying the number of images in the library by 0.05%. For example, if the library contains 100,000 images, the fee will be $50 per active PT. This admin fee is capped at $200 per year and this cap won't be reviewed before the library contains 500,000 images.


How can I submit my images for sale in the Excio Image Library?

Photographs offered for sale in our library are supplied by members of the large and growing Excio Photographer Community. Find out more about membership and join ! Please note that images are currently by invitation only as photographs go through AI checks and a manual approval process before appearing in the marketplace.

How can I earn PhotoTokens?

Learn more about selling your photographs with Excio here. You are welcome to submit your work for consideration, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How will my images be used?

Take a look at our licence agreement here. In a nutshell, image buyers can't re-sell your photographs, use them on merchandise, or use them in any way that is pornographic, offensive, politically endorsing, racist, or ethically or culturally offensive.

What are your requirements to submit a photo for sale?

We don't ask you to have a fancy DSLR camera or provide exclusivity. All we ask is that the image has a minimum of 3000px on the short edge and, at that resolution, it has no blur, pixilation or noise. You can upload images up to 30Mb in size.

What if an image buyer wants a higher resolution of my photo?

If an image buyer makes a request for a high-resolution file, or wants to source similar photos, we will contact you and negotiate with you directly.

FairShare Photography

What is FairShare Photography?

FairShare Photography is paying photographers fairly for their high-quality work and effort.

Why are other platforms not fair?

Stock imagery is big business. Images are a core tool for media, advertising, and marketing of all kinds, and today's global market is around NZ$7 billion.

Given the size of the market, you would think that photographers make a good living selling their photographs online via platforms like Shutterstock and Getty Images.

But you would be wrong.

Our market research on stock image libraries - backed-up by the first-hand experiences of hundreds of photographers in our community - showed that, on average, only 25% of a photographer's images sell, and of those that do, the photographer receives just 25 cents per image, per download.

What this means is that a photographer who goes to the huge expense of taking 1000 professional-quality photographs and uploading and properly tagging each photo, would receive only $65 - or less than 7 cents per photo - if 25% of the photos were sold once. To come close to recouping the cost of time, equipment, travel, and possibly models, the photographer would need those photos to be resold 1000 times or more.

Today, making a living from stock imagery is all-but impossible for 99% of photographers. Only a few per cent of the $7 billion ends up with the photographers, who are the creatives upon whom the industry depends.

This is not fair.

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