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Our community-driven image library serves those who appreciate fresh, high-quality photographs, with the assurance that every photographer is fairly rewarded. Building on years of growing our photo community, we not only made the decision to build a stock image library that pays photographers a fair share, but to also revolutionise the financial model to benefit both photographers and consumers.

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Fair Share Photography

About FairShare Photography

FairShare Photography is the Excio movement that fairly rewards photographers for their high-quality work and effort.

Our market research on stock image libraries – backed-up by the first-hand experiences of hundreds of photographers in our community – showed that, on average, only 25% of a photographer's images sell and, of those that do, the photographer receives just 25 cents per image, per download.

So, unlike traditional libraries, we started with the basic proposition that we would pay photographers 50% of income received.

But we quickly realised that a higher percentage of income still won't guarantee photographers – our members – that uploading their images will result in enough sales to warrant their costs.

This led us to ask ourselves if we could find a way to make it worthwhile for photographers to upload thousands of photographs before they received any royalties. And that's why we invented the pay-it-forward mechanism we call PhotoTokens. You can read all about them here. In essence, PhotoTokens enable us to provide photographers with a fair payment at the time they upload the curated, high-quality photographs our library customers want, not when (or if) someone buys each image. And to ensure the financial value of a PhotoToken, we have given them very high buying-power (currently 500 downloads per year). So everyone benefits.

Authentic. Fair. Affordable.

Thank you to our foundation supporters

We want to thank all of the organisations below for their out-of-the-blocks support for the Excio FairShare Photography movement. It takes community to generate momentum, and we gratefully welcome these organisations into the wider Excio photography community.

Absolutely Positively Wellington City Council
Scoop Independedt News
UX Wellington
Virtual Marketers
Thinkstep Anz
Creative HQ
Martin Jenkins
Trigger Digital
Destination Capacity LTD
Institute of Directors New Zealand
Southern Cross Healthcare
Harvey Cameron
Lane Neave
AJ Park
Kapuhipuhi Wellington Uni-Professional
West Coast Untamed Natural Wilderness
Pure SEO